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Our Mission

Since 2013 our aim has been to introduce the very best alternative investment opportunities to a growing number of certified investors. We aim to introduce investments that not only benefit financially but also have positive environmental impact. Our team is committed to stringent vetting and due diligence procedures when introducing you to niche, high yielding investments within agricultural and renewable energy sectors.

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We bring together many years of experience, entwining our personal and professional standards. Our people take the time to get to know you, ensuring we provide you with exactly what you need. A personalised and hassle-free service.


Each investment passes through our strict vetting and due-diligence processes. We make sure the companies offering the investments are financially sound, they are environmentally focused and that the investments are real cash flow generating re-sellable assets.


Our clients are tired from the prolonged low interest environment and are looking for alternative high yielding opportunities. Our clients need to be thoroughly informed so they can take calculated risks when investing in alternative investments.

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The Select Investment

Hydroponic farming in the Middle East and North Africa is proving to be vital in securing “food security” for the region. As much as 90% of food is currently imported into the region at great cost to the consumer, which is why Hydroponicfarming is considered the solution. Learn More »

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Invest in Scalable Agriculture

  • 1. Fixed purchase price for your produce
  • 2. 12% Fixed or 16%-19% expected variable returns per annum
  • 3. Quarterly payments directly to you
  • 4. Guaranteed sales of the produce harvested from your A-frame
  • 5. Peace of mind
  • 6. Allows for better planning
  • 7. First profits after 3 months
  • 8. Open market trading
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We pride ourselves on implementing regular communication, as we recognize it as a trait, which will ultimately separate us from the rest.

Our Experience

We have decades of experience working within different areas of alternative investment solutions. We know what works and what does not.

Hands-Off Investments

We have hand-picked investments that allow you to invest, sit back and receive your guaranteed return on investment with out leaving your armchair.

Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is an investment product other than the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, cash or property.

“I managed to receive a fixed 12% annual return on investment which was a lot better than I ever anticipated. I would have been happy with 5%.
Jonathan Briggs


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