Our Mission & Values

We operate with a very simple logic.

You are not a number on a spreadsheet. No one wants to be thrown into a category or group. You are an individual. Your money is important to you – so it is important to us.

When dealing with our team, we endeavour to respect the following values at Plex Capital.



We will tailor and adapt all communication for ultimate clarity for every client with the focus on delivering accurate information.



We seek a positive and beneficial outcome from all situations involving clients and investment opportunity representatives.



We set a standard for ourselves as Investment Managers and for the company to deliver on our promises in all areas.



We and our staff members are responsible for our own time and task-management. We will do what we say we will.

  • Our Vision

    To be recognized as the UK’s leading introducer of alternative investments by 2024.

    Here at Plex Capital, we take the time to get to know you – to understand your financial targets, and what you want to achieve through investing.

    We aim to introduce the best possible investment opportunities to you, supporting you throughout your entire time with us.

    Our team is committed to you – committed to helping you take advantage of relatively unknown, high interest, safe investment vehicles which have only been approved after passing our tough due diligence processes.

  • Our Mission

    To introduce growing numbers of certified investors to dependable, new generation property investment opportunities.

    The team at Plex Capital believe that clients receive a fundamentally unfair deal from banks and building societies.

    £108 is the average amount of interest paid by UK fixed savings accounts every year (based on £20,000).

    £2,640 is the average amount of interest paid by one of the opportunities vetted and offered by Plex Capital (based on £20,000).

    Our specialist knowledge and strategic approach allow us to introduce you to investment vehicles we have thoroughly vetted – offering steady and secure returns.

  • Our Code

    Plex Capital is committed to providing a great service and ensuring all of our clients understand that we’re here to act as an introductory agent only.

    Although we’re not required to be regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we choose to operate our business according to the principles and guidelines of FCA regulation. Therefore:

    • - We will act only as introductory agent and will not offer financial advice
      - We will ask all UK clients to declare if they are a High Net Worth / Sophisticated Investor
      - Each client will be allocated their own Investment Manager
      - We will encourage all investors to undertake independent financial advice before deciding to - invest
      - We will encourage all investors to see the investment for themselves
      - We will carry out our own Investment Due Diligence to ensure the project has a proven track record.
      - We will explain product and service information in a way that clients can understand
      - We will not pressure or force any client to invest if they do not wish to do so
      - We will respect our clients’ privacy and will treat your information as private and confidential
      - We will never handle client funds directly

Be Smart, Be Alternative

We are the leading introducers of alternative investments

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