The Ultimate Alternative Investment

19% Annual Returns - 3 Year Audit History


Each A-Frame module is able to yield around 6.8 tons of produce per year per A-Frame. The produce sales are guaranteed and generate over $15,500 revenue per year per A-Frame.


  • 1. 12 %-19% Fixed or Variable Returns
  • 2. Direct quarterly payments to client
  • 4. Minimum Investment level $50,000
  • 4. Owning a physical cash flow asset
  • 5. 2 Year buy back option
  • 6. Capital Protection

Pegasus Agriculture Group is one of the largest owner’s and operators of commercial Hydroponic Farms in the Middle East and North Africa.

Having built over 60 hectares of hydroponic farms since inception, Pegasus Agriculture operate an investment vehicle for private certified retail investors.


Variable Returns Offering

  • RETURNS: 16-19% expected ROI
  • PAYMENTS: Quarterly Payment directly to you
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT: Entrance level $ 55,000/-


Fixed Returns Offering

  • RETURNS: 12% net profit
  • BUY BACK OPTION: 2 years
  • PAYMENTS: Quarterly Payment directly to you
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT: Entrance level $ 50,000/-
  • SECURE: Capital Protected


Most recent locations

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Constant and growing demand

Food is one of the most crucial resources in the world. Without it, we could not survive. It will always be one of our most basic necessities. With the current global food shortages, coupled with a growing population, investments in food and agriculture will undoubtedly perform. Investing in hydroponics allows you to gain exposure in an industry where the yields are high, far more so than in traditional agriculture, using the same amount of landmass.


Secure Returns

With guaranteed sale of produce via the off-take agreements already in place your returns are secured and predictable. Hydroponics is the science of growing plants in water, without the use of soil. Also known as soilless culture, the same nutrients that a plant normally obtains from soil are delivered straight to the roots as an accurately controlled solution. The process is able to multiply annual yields per area of land allowing for increased produce at predictable rates.

Owning Your Own A-Frame

Full 3 year audited track record from an independent auditor. Owning a hydroponic A-frame couldn’t be easier; you are given the flexibility to decide how you manage your equipment. We can manage it for you, you can manage it and you can even choose to have your produce delivered to you. Whatever you decide to do with your A-frame is all up to you. We will assist you every step of the way and ensure your A-frame is optimised for output and returns. Our A-frame technology is one of the key reasons behind our success.

What Is Grown

Hydroponic Produce

Butter Lettuce

Frisse Lettuce

Lollo Rosso


Bell Peppers






Cherry Tomato

Rocket Leaves

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How It Works - The Mechanism

Using traditional farming methods, plants often need to expend large amounts of energy to grow roots long enough to reach water and nutrients in the soil. This is because the supplies are not distributed evenly, and it prevents a plant from growing at its optimal rate.

In a hydroponic system, however, the nutrients and water are delivered directly to the roots. Plants absorb nutrients as ions in the water, and rely on an accurate control of electrical conductivity and PH levels. Hydroponic farming allows for complete control of these and other factors, ensuring that every single plant is healthy and grows quickly, resulting in higher yields and more frequent harvests.

As a result, growing plants hydroponically also requires up to 90% less water than traditional methods. This water conservation means that operations can be scaled up at a very low cost. Additionally, hydroponic farms require much less land space, since plants can be stacked vertically, and the controlled environment significantly reduces the occurrence of both pests and diseases.

The Process

A hydroponic farm can continue functioning for more than 100 consecutive years, resulting in a secure, stable source of both food and employment for the local area.

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